Saturday, June 6, 2009

Farm Chicks Day 1!

Look here! There's lots to see!
The happy bannered silo @ the Spokane fairgrounds.

I apologize for the blurry pic of my mom, but I am excited to show you the new photo op just inside the entrance this year. With a backdrop of some cool vintage shower curtains, a suspended frame and some of the provided super cute pennants, you can have a great DIY photo souvenir! We'll have to take a better picture tomorrow, when our group is bigger.

This confectionery cutie pie below is the main cookie behind Candywinkel. She sells amazing gifts of candles candy & soaps packaged in the cutest vintage containers! This gal has a such a creative eye and inventiveness about her. She was wearing a candy necklace adorned with her mother's brooch. Sweet! Her prices are amazing, and her wares are so tempting! In one of the loot photos later on you can see the little chocolate covered sunflower seed packet that I picked up for Simone. She stitched up little glassine bags and put floral seed images on them and displayed them in planting troughs! I love another lady with an eye for details! I also purchased for Simone a sweet vintage ice cream bowl filled with gummy sours, a candy stick and topped off with a vintage toy fan. It really doesn't get sweeter than this!
Tune in for tomorrow's recap with more vendor & show decor photos!

Listed roughly from left to right:
-Paper ephemera packs from Hudson's Holidays in space 4
-Cute green vintage fabric remnant from Lisa Richart in space 54
-My Farm Chicks In The Kitchen book (I've had it for a while, but got it signed today!)
-An empty box to fill w/ my candle holder rosettes! From Happy Endings in space 103
-Oodles of deco Bridge tally cards from Melissa Neufeld and Barbara Schriber's space 73
-A darling deco-decorated vintage bottle from Unexpected Necessities in space 67
-A tiny jar of buttons my mom got for Simone (My daughter) at This Old House in space 58
-Fabulous clock-face pillow from Maison Douce in space 89 (my mom got her dress form bust!)
-Teeny tiny old corked glass tubes & the leaf shaped booklet from Fun Junk in space 87
-Fisher price crib (long story) from Unexpected Necessities in space 67
-Cocoa Butter & Banana soap and Glacier Clay facial soap from Cedar House Soaps in space 88
-2 cigarette cards (nurse & satellite) & grab bag of watch parts also from Fun Junk in space 87
-Farm Chicks label pack and tiny matchbook notepad from The Farm Chicks booth
-Tiny set of circular calendar tags for 2010 from Elle's Studio in space 116
-Seed Packet treat and "sundae" gift from Candywinkel in space 28
-Floppy kitty pattern and blue vintage fabric from Lisa Richart in space 54
-Farm Chicks show poster and tractor logo necklace from The Farm Chicks booth
Whew! That was quite a mouthful!
Here's a closeup of some goodies...

And some more!

And my new insta-collection of Bridge tally cards! I am seriously giddy about this and will most likely buy whatever is left tomorrow! *crosses fingers*
To sum up... this event TRULY raises the bar for display at shows, many of the vendors' prices are so incredibly approachable and even downright bargains at times! It amazes me how the Farm Chicks can have their event completely multiply in size and popularity, and yet manage to maintain the charm and integrity that makes the show so incredibly whimsical.

And the perfect end to a wonderfully perfect day of shopping and basking in the magic? How about having two of the most inspirational women I know signing my copy of their cookbook so sweetly. I admire them so deeply, and cannot wait to come back next year all re-charged and re-invented. I couldn't ask for a better life than this right now. Amidst the chaos and grind, I have such wonderful opportunities and sweet blessings. Today was a brilliant reminder of where I belong.
Thank you Teri & Serena!


  1. Love your finds from the show! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. what all your loot..wish i could of come and shared in your winnings...i know i would of went a little crazy...your blog is adorble as well!

  3. I too was at the show this weekend. I did not get a signature...and wouldn't you know it...I didn't even get a photo of it!

    thanks for showing us all you found. I am getting a kick out of seeing what everyone purchased...

    I posted a little mini movie today. Stop on in and have a peek if you have time :o)

    ~simply stork~

  4. We went too! Absolutely had a blast!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  5. Lisa,
    It was so great to see you at the show! You know we adore you!