Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking in Manito

After the fun hike with our Girl Scout troop for our last meeting of the school year, I felt so invigorated and alive! In an effort to improve my health and enjoy the outdoors here in my beautiful area of the Northwest, my mom and I decided to commit to doing more nature walks and hikes. My goal for now is to go trekking every other day.
Our first walk after the G.S. meeting was at Manito Park. It's lovely and huge park with so many different gardens. We parked at the bottom, near the pond and walked a sort of amoeba-shaped route that has us back at the car with just enough of a nice workout. The different hills and terrain made it nicely effective. Above is a picture of a lovely stone bridge in the park, my mom and daughter underneath it. Below is a whimsical stretch of walkway, which I photographed because I would love to re-create this in my own yard someday.
These clever archways below are in the Duncan Garden, I believe it's called. There is a row of these arches on both sides of the garden. Can you tell I just love symmetry in garden designs?

We walked through these arches, around the outer rim of the park to get to the Japanese garden, where we cooled off a bit before our last stretch to the car. It was a lovely afternoon, which we followed with a BBQ at mom's house.

On Saturday, we hiked around the river at the Idaho state line. I forgot to take pictures, but Jeremy taught Simone how to skip rocks on the very calm river and she noticed these grey "clouds" above ll the trees and bushes, but it turned out to be swarms of some flying insect. I caught a handful of them from above a shorter bush so we could observe them closer and I am not sure what they are. I'll have to look it up. Of course I let them go. On the way home we were spotting those swarmy clouds swirling and floating above all the trees along the river, all the way home.

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