Thursday, November 19, 2009

Count The Days

The above headstone reads:
"Almira C. Ricker, Died Aug 27th 1905, Aged 71 yrs 5 mo 10 days, Asleep in Jesus".
I do not know this person, but while on a walk in a local cemetery, this is one of many headstones I came across which listed the age down to days. Some people were my age, some were merely children and others lived long lives like Almira Ricker. But one thing was evident... Every day was counted.
I am 12,789 days old (Or 35 years and 14 days). How many days have you had?
Good or bad, every day taught me *something*. Every day had some sort of blessing, some sort of pain and meant something in the scheme of my lifetime.
In an age where we round up, scale down, sum up and take all we can, I want to be one of the people who counts every day. This life is so short. Yes, that's cliche but true. People even 100 years ago had a tough time of it, but they held fast to every day of life. Every single one of those days mattered so much that they were carved in stone, by hand and chisel, as a testament to the preciousness of life itself.
I will count my days proudly, value them and give thanks for them, regardless of the successes or failures within them.
Give me days of joy or sorrow, but give me days abundant!